Why should you regularly audit your business social media channels?


We all know that social media doesn’t stand still and neither should your business channels!

It is essential to keep track of what you are doing and how you are performing to be able to see where to make your next move.  I recommend you carry out at least two audits a year and approach the exercise in a systematic way so you are able to contrast and compare the data.

I carry out social media audits for clients from all sectors and backgrounds and so I thought I would share my tops tips on how to approach it for your business.

STEP 1: Review your current social media marketing strategy

  • Remind yourself of your social media marketing objective
  • Remind yourself of your target audience - has this changed or are your user personas still valid?
  • Are you carrying out all components of your original strategy? Where are the gaps?

STEP 2: Audit your current performance

  • Create an auditing document that you will use every time you audit your channels
  • List all your current social media channels with their handles
  • Decide on a sample period of time (two weeks is fine) and list the key metrics you want to track
  • Include checks on branding consistency and profile optimisation

STEP 3: Carry out a competitor review

  • List your top two or three competitors and their social media channels
  • Decide on a sample period (again, two weeks would work) and key metrics to track

STEP 4: Analyse your results

  • Take the data you have extracted and figure out what is working well and where you need to improve
  • Document all your findings

In our experience, most small businesses are faced with the same problems when it comes to auditing their business social media activities:

  • A lack of time to carry out audits on a regular basis
  • A lack of expertise to know how to approach audits and how to interpret the data

That’s why I recommend getting an expert in who can take the job off your hands and let you concentrate on the other areas of your business that need you.

At Glow Social. I can do exactly that.  Our audits are designed to get to the heart of your current social media marketing performance and figure out where you can be doing more to achieve more.

  • I collect all the relevant data and analyse the findings so you don’t have to
  • I show you where you need to adapt and update your social media strategy to make sure you are aligning with your social media objectives and your overarching business goals
  • I help you understand how your customers perceive your brand and how you can improve it
  • I let you see what you’re doing well, where the gaps are and what you should be doing to improve performance
  • I give you actionable feedback showing you where to modify and make changes for immediate impact

I’d love to learn more about your business and help you achieve your business goals – get in contact today!


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