How to create a killer Instagram Profile

Imagine this…

You've created an awesome post that has stopped the scroll for someone in your target audience. It's made them laugh/feel inspired/learn something (delete as appropriate) and now they want to know more about you.

They go and view your profile and they're stumped. They have no idea who you are or what you do. And you've lost them - off they go to continue scrolling aimlessly whilst they wait for the kettle to boil.


So what now?

Your Instagram profile is the first thing a potential follower sees when they click on your name so it is so important that you get it right. PLUS there are some essential things you HAVE TO DO to help you turn up in searches and in front of the right people. Let's break it down:


  • Only use a high-resolution image (no blurry or pixelated images here!)
  • If you are the face of the business, include your face! Nice and close up, not off in the distance (remember, most people are using mobiles to view)
  • If you are using a logo, make it clear and easy to read
  • Use your recognised, brand colours
  • Keep it consistent across other platforms to help with recognition
  • Keep it up to date – if you've had a brand update, make sure you change the image


  • Include your business name
  • If you are your business, also include your own name to make it easier when people contact you
  • This field is searchable so the last point is really important if someone is looking for you specifically!


  • Sum up what you do, who you help and how you do it in clear, jargon-free language
  • Use bullet points to make it easier to read (use emojis to break it up)
  • DO NOT include generic hashtags – if people click on them, they are directed away from you page
  • Include keywords that your audience might be using in searches as your bio is SEARCHABLE!
  • Add a call to action, for example; Visit my website, Book a call, Sign up to my newsletter etc.


  • Your bio is the ONLY place on Instagram you get a clickable link so DO NOT waste it! (Remember, please don't include links in your post captions as they don't work and just look rubbish!)
  • The link you choose to include may depend on what you have been talking about in your posts (i.e. asking people to ‘See link in bio for more')
  • You can use a link to a third party tool or a page on your website to list multiple links
  • UPDATE: As of April 2023, you can now add multiple links (up to 5) on your bio


  • Make sure all your contact information is up to date
  • You can add additional ‘Action Buttons' (Book Now etc.) depending on what you do and what third party providers you use


  • Groups Stories into useful highlights - think about what your audience wants to see/learn
  • Add some branded covers to your highlights
  • Keep on top of them - you don't want to end up with too many as they become fairly useless and too much for people to trawl through


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