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What I Offer at Glow Social. 

Want to become your own social media manager? If you would like social media training from an expert, I'll provide you and your team with the right knowledge you need to see your social media channels grow.

If you'd like to learn more, get in touch with me at Glow Social to arrange your free consultation.

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Knowledge Hours

Book a knowledge hour with me and you will receive an hour long 1-to-1 session that focuses on the topic of your choice. If you're struggling to create a successful social media strategy or wondering what kind of content is right for your business, I can help you.

Whether you're a beginner or more experienced with social media, a knowledge hour will boost your confidence and improve your understanding. We'll explore your problems together and find the right solution that will strengthen and grow your social media approach.

All knowledge hour sessions take place on Zoom and will be recorded. You will also be sent a PDF with a summary of the key actions I advise you to take, to start seeing results.

  • £150 p/hour

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Coaching Packages

My coaching packages are personalised to you and your team depending on your needs and can cover both organic and paid social media approaches.

Prior to the training, we will have an in depth discussion to discover your specific needs to help me determine what I need to include and how to personalise your package to ensure you and your team get what you need from the sessions. Sessions can also include other areas outside of social media marketing if required.

Sessions can take place on Zoom or in person (location dependent).

After the sessions, you will be sent PDFs on all of the key points and actions that were covered.

  • Cost dependent on package

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I run workshops on an ad hoc basis. These workshops will cover various aspects of social media and are open to beginners, the experienced and everyone in between. Workshops will take place with other business owners where you can share problems, experiences and solutions.

  • Costs dependent on workshop

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If you would like to find out how a social media manager could help grow your London, Surrey or UK business, please contact me at Glow Social. on or 07876 136 311.


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